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DAR 2010


Commercial photographer Scott Braman provides digital photographic services on location for corporate and editorial clients. Examples of his work as a people photographer can be found on the editorial photographer, commercial photographer, and personal pages of the site. Examples of his work as an architectural photographer and environmental photographer of places can be found on the residential photographer, commercial photographer, editorial photographer, exterior architectural photographer and personal pages. Examples of his work as a still photographer can be found on the location product photographer and the studio product photographer pages.

Looking back over the span of his career, you can see the variety and scope photographic work done by Scott Braman. For more than twenty years Scott has been working as a commercial photographer based in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. As a commercial location photographer he is able to provide photographic services at competitive rates in most major metropolitan areas. Taking advantage of the changing professional photographer environment and the advent of digital imaging, Scott is able to travel light and work quickly, getting three or four images in the time it used to take to get a single image. Gone are the days of the interior photographer working overnight in empty offices and covering fluorescent bulbs with magenta gel. Good riddance! In the current photographic landscape decisions are being made on the fly to determine how a problem is best solved. Some problems are best handled during the shoot, while others are handled most efficiently using photoshop and other digital imaging techniques. We used to spend hours running to and from the color lab, or in the darkroom, now we’re spending time in front of a computer monitor. This translates to less time on location, meaning less of an impact on your clients and more time for you to handle the other aspects of your work. Scott has been with his wife from the beginning and has three kids, so time management is no longer an optional endeavor! Scott Braman received a bachelor’s degree in photographic arts and sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has photographs juried into the school’s permanent collection. Scott has continued his education over the years in an effort to learn the latest programs and techniques for digital photographic imaging and website functionality.

When not working as a commercial photographer, Scott enjoys coaching and assistant coaching his kid’s intramural soccer, basketball and baseball teams. He is an avid golfer, though still struggling to break 90 on a consistent basis. He enjoys playing chess, bridge and poker. He sings in a choir, plays classical piano and is learning to play popular music on the piano.